[Wine]CloneCD in Wine-20050524: no luck... :(

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Sat Jul 16 02:49:19 CDT 2005

Jeff Vian schreef:
> On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 16:42 +0200, Paolo Pisati wrote:
>>this is my first attempt to use Wine, so please
>>bear with me if i made any mistakes... :P
>>So far i installed Wine on a FreeBSD-5-STABLE (OSVERSION > 5.4),
>>and the port installation was smooth.
>>Then i downloaded SetupCloneCD5261.exe, run 'wine SetupCloneCD5261.exe',
>>and installed it in my homedir.
>>But whenever i try to launch clonecd i get this error:
> Why use clonecd under wine?
> I use k3b (in clone mode) and it makes perfect copies of everything I
> have tried, including a working copy of copy-protected play disks for
> the games I use regularly.  Very nice when there is a chance of damage
> to the disk in use and a backup is needed (kids do a lot of damage to
> CDs at times).

This does not help if you need to *restore* a backup previously made
using CloneCD. There is no Linux program that I have found that can
reliably read, burn, or convert the .ccd, .img, and .sub files that
CloneCD produces, although there is one (ccd2iso) that does so
(converts) unreliably, and it is possible under some circumstances to
rename the .img file to bin, the .ccd to .cue, and still burn the image
successfully. But neither of these is assured, which kind of defeats the
purpose of making a perfect backup of a CD.

I've snipped the output of CloneCD not working, because I know it
doesn't work-- I've tried to install it several times under Linux in the
past several months (with different versions of Wine), and while it
installs fine, it fails to run-- and if it won't work under Linux, I
doubt it's going to work under BSD. My impression is that it's not going
to work, either-- because *no* CD-burning program is capable of dealing
with CloneCD files, I suspect that there is something so terribly
proprietary about them that they can't be made to work until the
situation changes (which is unlikely to happen). After all, if there
*was* a way to handle these files, the K3b team surely has been looking
for it as well, and they haven't found it... k3b burns everything *but*
CloneCD files.

However, there is a way. Two, actually, depending on your needs.

If the backups are specifically of PS1 CDs, and you don't mind playing
them on an emulator, you can use ePSXe to just play the CloneCD files
directly from the HDD without converting them back to CD. No help,
obviously, if you want to play them directly on the PS1, although if you
have a TV-out setup, this might be OK as well.

The main solution is UltraISO, which *does* work. OK, what I really mean
is that it works well enough to solve this problem. UltraISO can
reliably *convert* the CloneCD images to a format that your burning
program can read (ISO or BIN/CUE). It can't burn them (because you need
the Nero or Roxio burning engines installed for it to do that, and Nero
at least won't install under Wine), but that's OK with me as there are
plenty enough burning programs available already that I prefer to use--
I never liked installing CloneCD *as well as* my 'normal' burning
program under Windows, either (but had to, as that is the only program
that will manage CloneCD files).

I tried installing DaemonTools and Alcohol **%; those either didn't
install via Wine, or didn't work-- but UltraISO converts the images fine
(I've mounted converted ISOs to check, and successfully installed
converted BIN/CUEs)-- and of course it opens them, too, so you can look
at the contents of the backup if you so desire (and probably extract
individual files if necessary, but I've never tried this).

It's kind of an annoying hack, and I cannot assure you that it will work
under BSD as it does under Linux-- but UltraISO is a small program (so
not too disturbing), it works, and if you use it, you don't have to
dread or hide the CloneCD backups made long ago when, in our innocence,
we thought we'd always have Windows programs and resources available :-) .

Anyway, hope this helps.


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