[Wine]CloneCD in Wine-20050524: no luck... :(

Mitchell Mebane mmebane at ev1.net
Sat Jul 16 09:42:14 CDT 2005

Holly Bostick wrote:

>If the backups are specifically of PS1 CDs, and you don't mind playing
>them on an emulator, you can use ePSXe to just play the CloneCD files
>directly from the HDD without converting them back to CD. No help,
>obviously, if you want to play them directly on the PS1, although if you
>have a TV-out setup, this might be OK as well.
Speaking of PSX emulation... there's an open-source PSX emulator plugin 
specifically for reading disc images. IIRC, it can handle CCD files.


Maybe the code in there could provide some insight into the situation 
for someone looking to write such a conversion tool?


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-- Franklin P. Adams

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