[Wine]Origin 7.5 and wine

Michal Schulz michal.schulz at tu-clausthal.de
Mon Jul 18 02:14:39 CDT 2005


I've been trying to install registered Origin 7.5 on wine, using both the 
default build for SuSE 9.3 and the newest rpm from sourceforge.

The installation proceeds flawlessly, everything seems to be fine. The 
installer finds proper user/institution registration fields. Unfortunatelly, 
when I start Origin for the first time, the registration window pops up. All 
the information stored in this window is broken (I mean, the key, the 
username the institution). Therefore, even if I enter the proper activation 
key it is not accepted.

I may provide screenshot if someone is interested.

Is there any way to register Origin 7.5 (I have the licence) with wine? Or am 
I forced to use old origin 6.0 (which works with wine with smaller (below 
2MB) worksheets without any issue).

Michal Schulz.

Michal Schulz
Institut für Metallurgie
TU Clausthal
Robert-Koch-Straße 42
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

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