[Wine]Centos 4 RPM doesn't create drive "c:"

Matthew Seitz seitz at neopathnetworks.com
Mon Jul 18 13:22:36 CDT 2005

I installed Wine as root using "wine-20050524-1centos4winehq.i686.rpm".  I then 
switched to my normal user account and ran "winefile".  The "winefile" program 
run and displays drive "e:" and "z:", but no "c:".

I looked through "~/.wine/config", and it appears "c:" is mapped to 
"/usr/share/wine-c".  But I don't see a "/usr/share/wine-c" directory.

The documentation mentions "WineSetupTk" and "wineinstall", but I cannot find 
either of those included in the rpm.  I also saw a reference to "Winetools", but 
the web site says the last Wine version that was supported was "20050111"

Do I simply create the directory using mkdir, or is there a tool that is 
supposed to generate this directory?

Matthew Seitz
Customer Support Manager
NeoPath Networks, Inc.

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