[Wine]FreeBSD and wine DVD/CD read errors

Jeffrey Zellman jzellman at gmail.com
Tue Jul 19 20:13:15 CDT 2005

I am currently running FreeBSD 5.4 and Wine 20050310.  When I startup
Wine with DVDShrink, I get the following output to the terminal:

fixme:file:get_default_drive_device auto detection of DOS devices not
supported on this platform
fixme:cdrom:CDROM_GetInterfaceInfo not implemented for BSD
fixme:ntdll:NtQueryVolumeInformationFile device info not properly
supported on this platform
Please use the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Fonts\LogPixels
to set the screen resolution and remove the "Resolution" entry in the
config file
fixme:ole:CoRegisterMessageFilter stub
err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window height 3339982
err:x11drv:X11DRV_CreateWindow invalid window height 3339982
err:listview:LISTVIEW_WindowProc unknown msg 1044 wp=00000000 lp=0033e5a0
fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance no classfactory created for CLSID
{e436ebb2-524f-11ce-9f53-0020af0ba770}, hres is 0x80040154
err:quartz:FILTERGRAPH_create Unable to create filter mapper (80040154)
fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance no instance created for interface
{56a868a9-0ad4-11ce-b03a-0020af0ba770} of class
{e436ebb3-524f-11ce-9f53-0020af0ba770}, hres is 0x80040154

When I try to read a DVD with DVDShrink I get an error message in
DVDShrink: "DVD Shrink encountered an error and cannot continue. 
Failed to read file "D:\" Not Ready

I also get some more output to the terminal:


I guess my question is, has anyone had success working with wine, *BSD
and DVD Shrink or any other program that uses CD/DVD devices?  I've
had success with wine under linux, but I am more comfortable under



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