[Wine]Mouse Events in Menu Bar in MS-Word 2000

Thomas Serries t.serries at lvm.de
Fri Jul 22 09:38:24 CDT 2005


please excuse my newbie questions, but this MS-Office...

When I run MS-Word 2000 and open more than one document in parallel, the
menu bar and the tool bar no longer react on mouse events. Most operations
can be reached by the corresponding key stroke (Alt+<Key>); but not the
window menu. The tool bar is unreachable. Only the word-window opened as
first of all reacts on mouse events in menu bar and tool bar.

And worse: Even if I first select an other menu and reach the window menu
by using the cursor-keys, it is not possible to switch between the
diffenrent documents. No matter in which window I try it.

Does anyboy have an idea who to fix this "feature"? I tested the following
WINE releases: 20040719 and 20041019.

Thanks in advance.

Thomas Serries

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