[Wine]openoffice(linux) can't open files from a wineapplication

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Tue Jul 26 15:14:02 CDT 2005

Hi Ratka,

> Hallo my Problem is, that I use software called gs-verein from sage. in 
> this software i can create documents an the i can sent this documents to 

> word or staroffice.
> when i change the path to staroffice to /usr/bin/ooffice, then 
> openoffice starts, but the file wouldn`t load and the programm gs-verein 

> tell me that he didn´t found staroffice. I have heared abot solutions 
> for this problem by creating a shellscript, but i have no idea how to do 

> that. can anyone help my?
> Thanks
> NoMoreWin

If I understand your problem, and it behaves like the Notes client 
application I have, you can do this:

      a) append the following entry at your ~/.wine/system.reg (for DOC 
[Software\\Classes\\.doc] 1051470000 

[Software\\Classes\\ooffice] 1051470000 
@="Documento Office" 

[Software\\Classes\\ooffice\\DefaultIcon] 1051470000 
@="C:\\Program Files\\OpenOffice.org\\ooffice.exe,1" 

[Software\\Classes\\ooffice\\shell] 1051470000 

[Software\\Classes\\ooffice\\shell\\open\\command] 1051470000 
@="\"C:\\Program Files\\OpenOffice.org\\ooffice.exe %1\"" 

      b) for every extension you want you can put the same entry just 
replacing the ".doc" string to the string you wish. For example: replace 
".doc" for ".xls" and so on and put an entry like this for each extension 
you want:
[Software\\Classes\\.xls] 1051470000 

      c) You'll have to put the shell script in the same directory you 
have at the registry entries. In our case the "executable" must be at:
C:\\Program Files\\OpenOffice.org\\ooffice.exe

      d) the "executable" oofice.exe is the following shell script:
LOG="$HOME/tmp/soffice.exe-log.`id -u -n`"
echo "Arguments received: $@" > $LOG
RESULT=`winepath "$@" 2> /dev/null`
echo "/usr/bin/soffice $RESULT" >> $LOG
TMP=$TMPDIR ; TEMP=$TMPDIR ; /usr/bin/soffice "${RESULT}"
rm -f "$RESULT"

        Of course, the "/usr/bin/soffice" is the Linux executable and has 
to be the full path to your openoffice.org executable or script provided 
with the OOo package.

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