[Wine]wine: exists lstat socket problem as plain user

Johám-Luís Miguéns Vila galiza.ceive at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 03:07:26 CDT 2005

- Wine version: Wine 20050725
- gcc-3.4.4
- glibc-2.3.5-r1
- kernel 2.6.12-love1
- i686
- Distro: Gentoo ( ~x86).


First of all, when trying to run wine as normal user it complained:

"wine: chdir to /home/joham_luis/.wine/wineserver-galiza_ceive.gnu-linux.org : 
No such file or directory"

I backed up ~.wine and create an empty one. Then ran winecfg.

Ran wine, and same error as previous.

Ran wineserver, and now it complains as follows:

"wine: exists lstat socket : No such file or directory"

As root wine goes smoothly.

P.S.: My english sucks a lot, sorry.
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