[Wine]system lock with 3d applications in wine

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Thu Jul 28 04:20:38 CDT 2005

> hello
> i upgraded wine from 3months old version to current one. and i noticed that 
> my computer locks very often. the same application which run before now 
> locks the computer completely (event SysRq button is not working)
> i can't find out what is wrong, there is nothing in syslogs...
> is here anyone with the same problem? maybe it is something on my computer 
> but i doubt it (3months old version didn't made it to me...)
> just for info. kernel, gfxcard is ati radeon 9600 and i use 
> latest drivers from ati
  As wine is pure userspace, it shouldn't make any harm to the system itself
(are You running it as a regular user, right?) 
  IMHO it's a gfx card lockup. It may happen because new wine uses more
sophisticated algorithms in the 3D rendering area, which may trigger various
bugs in the gfx card driver, thus freezing the card. This lockup makes the
X server to lock too, so even the keyboard gets dead.
  Is the machine connected to the net ? There are chances that the kernel
is still alive and that the remote access via ssh may succeed. You can then
kill the X server or at least reboot the system gracefully...
  I have one machine, where the same happens using firefox (native Linux
version). X server freezes including the keyboard, but remote access is working
and the system may be revived by killall -9 X. The machine is equipped with
Nvidia gfx card and Nvidia drivers. Other machine with the same card but
X drivers doesn't do this.
                                       With regards, Pavel Troller

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