[Wine]Re: system lock with 3d applications in wine

Michal Seliga michal.seliga at visicom.sk
Thu Jul 28 09:20:39 CDT 2005

yes i run wine as regular user

strange thing is that native applications run (including doom3 for example). or 
when i try the same application in windows and linux version (some graphic demo) 
then native version works and windows version in wine will lock the machine.

i don't have network so i can't test if kernel responds.

Pavel Troller wrote:
 >>i upgraded wine from 3months old version to current one. and i noticed that
 >>my computer locks very often. the same application which run before now
 >>locks the computer completely (event SysRq button is not working)
 >>i can't find out what is wrong, there is nothing in syslogs...
 >>is here anyone with the same problem? maybe it is something on my computer
 >>but i doubt it (3months old version didn't made it to me...)
 >>just for info. kernel, gfxcard is ati radeon 9600 and i use
 >>latest drivers from ati
 > Hello,
 >   As wine is pure userspace, it shouldn't make any harm to the system itself
 > (are You running it as a regular user, right?)
 >   IMHO it's a gfx card lockup. It may happen because new wine uses more
 > sophisticated algorithms in the 3D rendering area, which may trigger various
 > bugs in the gfx card driver, thus freezing the card. This lockup makes the
 > X server to lock too, so even the keyboard gets dead.
 >   Is the machine connected to the net ? There are chances that the kernel
 > is still alive and that the remote access via ssh may succeed. You can then
 > kill the X server or at least reboot the system gracefully...
 >   I have one machine, where the same happens using firefox (native Linux
 > version). X server freezes including the keyboard, but remote access is working
 > and the system may be revived by killall -9 X. The machine is equipped with
 > Nvidia gfx card and Nvidia drivers. Other machine with the same card but
 > X drivers doesn't do this.
 >                                        With regards, Pavel Troller

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