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Vincent Rubiolo vincent.rubiolo at free.fr
Fri Jul 29 02:47:09 CDT 2005

Ths list was forgotten. Forwarding.


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Subject: Re: [Wine]wine-20050725 feedback : lots of graphical glitches
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 17:45:44 -0700
From: George Lober <glober at telus.net>
To: Vincent Rubiolo <vincent.rubiolo at free.fr>
References: <42E8D1CC.5010006 at free.fr>

Vincent Rubiolo wrote:

> Hello wine-users,
> I built and installed (with wineinstall) wine-20050725 [see system 
> info at end of mail].
> While it works OK for most of the applications that I use (I still 
> have some crashes, I will investigate them), I have lots of graphical 
> glitches, some of which greatly reduce the usability of the 
> applications :
> Firefox :
> ----------
> + Installation problems, esp. with respect to icons and text. I am 
> attaching small screenshots for you to see the problems. During the 
> installation, the console returns :
> fixme:win:SetWindowTextW setting text L"Extracting" of other process 
> window 0x10022 should not use SendMessage
> err:static:STATIC_SetIcon huh? hicon!=0, but info=0???
> + Main page display problem. Black boxes in rendered page (which is 
> perfect on native Linux FF). Menubar scrambled. It clears up a little 
> (not perfect though) when my mouse passes over it. Console says :
> err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {4955dd33-b159-11d0-8fcf-00aa006bcc59} 
> not registered
> fixme:ole:CoCreateInstance no classfactory created for CLSID 
> {4955dd33-b159-11d0-8fcf-00aa006bcc59}, hres is 0x80040154
> err:clipboard:CLIPBOARD_CloseClipboard Failed to set clipboard.
> 7-Zip:
> ------
> The combo box under the icons is almost not appearing at all, making 
> it impossible to navigate in directories (see small screenshot).
> This is just to show the problems I am encountering. I tried searching 
> in the Bugzilla but the search (keyword firefox) returned no replies. 
> I have to say that the search is quite cumbersome. I use Bugzilla 
> almost daily (Mozilla project for instance), and searches are a lot 
> easier because there is a simple search box, instead of having 
> everyone to use the advanced search function.
> I also have opened an account on the AppDB. Should I report these 
> problems to the apps maintainers instead (it seems so)?
> There is so much documentation that I don't know what to do : you seem 
> to welcome bug reports but I am not sure whether apps bugs are helpful 
> to you. Are they?
> Could you give me some pointers please?
> Thank you. I am willing to participate and help but don't know what to 
> report exactly as I am not familiar with Wine internals.
> Vincent
> System information as requested on 
> http://www.winehq.com/site/docs/wine-user/bug-reporting :
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> + Wine 20050725 (note that wine -v does not work anymore, contrary to 
> what the page says)
> + kernel : i686 GNU/Linux 2.4.21-27.0.1.EL (this is Redhat Entreprise 
> WS3)
> + compiler : gcc (GCC) 3.4.3
> + windows : no windows installed or used
> + program : firefox 1.0.5, available at www.mozilla.org
> + cmdline : wine firefox.exe (in fake_c\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox)
> + X server : 4.3.0 shipped by Redhat
> + steps to reproduce : simply start firefox after installing. Same for 
> 7zip.


I would also like to add that I am having similar problem with my
install of wine-20050725, where the Toolbar buttons of an application
called DietPower are incorrectly sized smaller (about 26pix compared to
normal size of about 37pix). The Toolbutton Images are sized correctly
resulting in a mess.  Version 20050628 and previous versions don't have
this problem. Would it help to post this on the bug-tracker ?

Regards, George

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