[Wine]Font rendering and winecfg in 20050725

Micah micahjon at ywave.com
Sat Jul 30 23:36:04 CDT 2005

I just upgraded to 20050725 from 200505xx on FreeBSD 5.3 and Xorg 6.8.2.

The problem is that when I run a windows application I do not get ANY 
fonts displayed in the menus, buttons, text boxes, nothing.  In the 
200505xx version I set "ClientSideWithRender" = "N" and 
"ClientSideWithCore" = "N" in .wine/config and that fixed it.  However I 
have no idea how to set these in 20050725 since I need to use winecfg or 
regedit and they need wine and wine cannot display any fonts and I, for 
some odd reason, think I need to be able to see what I'm editing.  Any 
clues as to how I can resolve this without clairvoyance?


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