[Wine]Can WMI be used in WINE apps?

Juan Alvarez jaferrando at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 1 06:06:38 CDT 2005


After some googling I've found that there's very
little said about the possibility of using WMI from

Has someone done any progress about it? 

I find this subject very important; if you feel
interested here's why:

One may think this is a somehow fanciful intention,
after all WMI exists for the purpouse of administering
Windows, and no doubt that's best done from Windows.

But, there are some applications that are best run
under Linux and need or would benefit from having this
kind of control over Windows.

Think of the bunch of security services that run on
Linux trying to give business class open source
security solutions (snort, nessus, ipchains, etc.),
and also one that I'm involved with now: Security
Event Monitoring. They could do much more if they
could natively reach the Windows systems they are
inspecting and protecting.

SEM solutions can't only be a place to collect logs,
that's of very little use. They have to be able to
rise alerts correlating events from the different
logs, and should as well be able to act on an alert to
protect against a "confirmed" attack (maybe
temporarily disabling a Windows use account, or
shutting down an unauthorized process, etc.).

In the real world every organization has a bunch of
Windows systems which are usually numerous and a
special security concern, so if we want to see
business class SEM solutions running on Linux, we need
a straightforward way to monitor and act on Windows.

Linux is a best fit platform for a SEM system, WINE
runs WSH so we can run Windows native scripts from
which to invoke Windows native commands; so we are
only a step away from opening a lot of insteresting

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Juan Alvarez

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