[Wine]Problem in the path for executables...

D Deepesh deepesh at india.tejasnetworks.com
Sun Jun 5 02:02:13 CDT 2005


I have a windows executable which I am trying to run in Linux using wine.
When I execute the command :

wine {ABSOLUTE_PATH}/file1.exe,

file1.exe runs many other executables internally, like file2.exe, file3.exe
and file4.exe.

Now when file1.exe is trying to run the other executables, it is not able to
get the path of the executables. I have the "PATH" enironment variable set
correctly. But I do not think this is the problem.

I enabled the WINEDEBUG so that I see all the wine warning and error
messages. From that I could deduce that the executables file2.exe, file3.exe
and file4.exe were being searched in the current working directory.

Please guide me on how to tackle this situation.

Is there any entry in the windows registry which is set when the software is
installed on the windows system and some such equivalent is missing in wine
configuration settings in linux.

Thank you,

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