[Wine]Re: Problem in the path for executables...

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Jun 5 13:04:41 CDT 2005

D Deepesh wrote:
> Hi,
> Let me make the problem clear:
> The application I am working on is ncverilog.exe.
> When I do "wine {ABSOLUTE_PATH}/ncverilog.exe", it gives the help for
> ncverilog correctly.
> ncverilog.exe starts other executables:
> a)ncvlog.exe
> b)ncelab.exe
> c)ncsim.exe
> ...
> What I tried was to first run this executable in windows using the cygwin
> shell. The "PATH" was the only environment variable that was set. And I
> think that is enough in that case. So my actual question should have been :
> "How does the windows equivalent of the PATH translate to wine's search PATH
> for the executable"

The path that Wine uses is embedded in one of the ~/.wine/*.reg files. I 
think it can appear in either system.reg or user.reg, but for me at 
least, it is in user.reg. Look in that file for an [Environment] key, 
and under that key should be the "PATH" environment variable. It should 
be obvious how to modify it.

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