[Wine]Sony Ericcson Themes Creator

Adam Cooper adam.cooper at port.ac.uk
Sun Jun 5 16:14:59 CDT 2005

Chalk up one for Wine.

Interested in creating themes for my mobile I downloaded this from:


It's free and it works!, though there are a few rendering errors with

I'm using Ubuntu hoary and just downloaded the wine package through
synaptic. Installed winetools and ran through all the base setup.
The installer ran fine, though on startup it failed as it needs MSVC. I
installed that using winetools. It failed again saying it only runs on
2000 or higher. Changed the .conf file and it works a treat. Yay.

The interface makes use of scroll bars and these don't seem to work
correct. When scrolling, the content does not update, and instead
corrupts. To refresh you have to drag the window off the screen and then
back on. This forces the refresh. Since this is a free download perhaps
this can be looked into?

Also it may be possible to add it to winetools (though I don't know how
you'd get around the win2000 or higher issue.)

I really glad wine is getting to the stage where "It just works".

Good work

Adam Cooper

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