[Wine]Weird Internet Explorer behaviour and one other mess

Jose Alejandro Guizar neobunch at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 7 19:10:26 CDT 2005

> Am Di, Mai 31, 2005 at 02:52:16 -0500 schrieb Jose
> Alejandro Guizar:
> > - Internet Explorer can't open new windows. Be it
> > javascript, a popup, or even if you click on 'File
> ->
> > New -> Window' and if you try, it hangs. So it's
> > practically unusable to me since the corporate app
> I
> > installed IE6 in the first place for pops up the
> > sign-in window. 
> > 
> > I'm using winetools-212 for the installation and
> > configuration (from scratch) and everything
> installs
> > fine. 
> > 
> > But here's where it gets interesting: it works
> fine if
> > I install wine through the debian package
> available
> > (20050310) and then use winetools, but only on
> version
> > 211. wt-212 makes IE behave this way, too. And
> adding
> > to the mistery, I downloaded and compiled from
> source
> > this same version(20050310) and it also doesn't
> work.
> > I've tried using 3 versions (20041019, 20050310
> and
> > 20050524) starting from source with both
> winetools-211
> > and 212 and on none of them can I get IE to do
> this
> > (opening new windows); that only happens, like I
> said,
> > with the debian package for 20050310 and
> > winetools-211.
> > 
> > Of course I uninstalled the debian one before
> trying
> > the others; and also made sure to clean up after
> > winetools as well.
> > 
> > Easy way out would be to go with the deb pkg -
> wt211
> > combo, right? thing is I need to use version
> 20041019
> > since it's the only one that will allow Lotus
> Notes
> > 6.5.1 to work correctly :)
> > 
> > What I'm really asking is if this has ever
> happened to
> > anyone else and what could possibly be the
> differences
> > between the deb package for 20050310 and the
> > compiled-from-source wine. I'm using winetools on
> both
> > of them for the configuration.
> Hi,
> until now nobody told me about this problem with
> WineTools. Actually
> WineTools advantage over Sidenets IE6 installer is
> that WineTools should
> be able to install IE6 with the "open window"
> capability whereas
> Sidenets approach does not have this capability.
> WineTools 2.1.1 used a complete new registry after
> the install of IE6 to
> behave properly. This registry came from Franks
> Corner. Later on Sven
> Paschukat <Sven.Paschukat||t-online.de> extracted
> the needed registry
> keys for the window problem out of this registry for
> 2.1.2.  You can
> find them in the file "ie6.reg". So starting with
> 2.1.2 the IE6 install
> is a normal install without tricks.
> As this already works very good for many users of
> WineTools we have to
> investigate your environment a little bit more to
> find out what happened
> with you installation. First you have to
> deinstall/purge all wine
> related packages, all the library packages of wine
> and what else you
> have there. Also deinstall/purge any wine setup
> packages like
> winesetuptk and winetools. At last remove the
> ~/.wine directory of the
> user you use for installations with wine. After
> performing an ldconfig
> you have to install the wine 20041019 packages from
> http://snapshot.debian.net and the
> winetools-212Joachim.tar.gz from my
> site. For being on the save side perfom an ldconfig
> again.
> Now start as the desired user wt2 and perform the
> Base setup from the
> very beginning. To help me, set you console logging
> to infinite and send
> me your complete log of the installation together
> with the winetools.log
> (in ~/.wine).
> Regards
> 	Joachim von Thadden
> -- 
> "Never touch a running system! Never run a touching
> system?
>           Never run a touchy system!!!"

Thx, Joachim for your detailed answer. From it, I
gather it's not that unusual then to have this happen.
But that it shouldn't happen when using winetools.

Ok, so I followed your advice and
uninstalled/purged/incinerated anything wine-related
(eveything, since I only use IE and Lotus Notes, which
just needs to be copied to a subdirectory once wine is
installed). I even found a deb package I hadn't
previously uninstalled (libwine, kinda important,
huh?). Well, purged *every* package that had 'wine'
somewhere in it's name, then 'make uninstall' on the
build-from-source wine I had installed, erased
winetools (the tar I downloaded, the directory where
it keeps the download cache and the install directory
[/usr/local/winetools]; and the pre-install directory)
and ~/.wine.

I'm pretty sure I got rid of all the wine in the house
:). No 'which wine' or 'which wt2' or 'man wine';

So, still afraid from too much Windows to make so many
conf. changes without rebooting, I rebooted. Added the
old sources to the debian package managment tools, and
had aptitude download and install wine, libwine,
wine-doc and wine-utils, all of them '20041019'. So
far, so good. Checked home dir, no ~/.wine folder so
it didn't try to auto-configure, good. Download
wt-212->unpack->install. Exit from root. wt2 and every
option (in order) for base config. Everything appears
to be fine. Fire IE6 up, check app. bzzzzzzt! 
Heh. Although now it's a little different, now IE can
open new windows, but they're always blank. Even did a
little javascript app with a sole button to open a new
window and it opens, but blank. At least now it
doesn't hang, I can close the new windows. One other
thing, in each and every page that opens a new window
(or tries), IE displays 'the page has errors' or
something on the status bar of the originating window.

I'm still including the console log from the point
where I do the first ldconfig you suggested till after
closing wt2 after IE6 setup. And that other file, too.

Everything else is working the same (Lotus Notes ok),
although I kinda think the overall look of the fonts
is  a little different.

Anyway, thx for your time Joachim (and whoever else
can help). I'll try doing it all over when I have a
breather from everything else at work, but with wt-211
this time, since the only way to get it working last
time was with wine-200503xx and wt-211 (not 212). 


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