[Wine]Re: Problem with Notes on Debian Wine

David Goodenough david.goodenough at btconnect.com
Wed Jun 8 10:28:30 CDT 2005

Jose Alejandro Guizar wrote:

>  --- David Goodenough <david.goodenough at btconnect.com>
> escribió:
>> For a while now I have had a problem running Notes
>> on Debian Wine.  Most of
>> the time it runs just fine, but whenever I try to
>> open a mail document which
>> has an attachment Notes just terminates.
>> I have the log and the relevant bit seems to say:-
>> err:syslevel:_CheckNotSysLevel Holding lock
>> 0x41311700 level 3
>> wine: Unhandled exception (thread 0009), starting
>> debugger...
>> WineDbg starting on pid 0x8
>> In 32 bit mode.
>> 0x40524a93 _CheckNotSysLevel+0x43 in kernel32: jmp
>>    0x40524a76
>> _CheckNotSysLevel+0x26 in kernel32
>> I could not find this problem through google,
>> although there were a few
>> references to _CheckNotSysLevel but slightly later
>> in the code, so I was
>> unsure whether this is the same problem.  They seem
>> to be in libntdll
>> rather than in kernel32 however so I am a bit
>> confused as to where there
>> are two _CheckNotSysLevel functions.
>> David
> Hey there. What version of wine and notes are you
> using? I, too, need to use Notes (6.5.1) and have a
> debian box. I found that the only wine version that
> allows Notes to work fully is 20041019. On other
> versions I had that same problem (no attachment view
> or save or create an attachment) and on some versions
> you cannot use views or see the contents of some of
> your created folders. For debian you can get earlier
> versions of packages from http://snapshot.debian.net.
> If Notes is the most important thing you use wine for,
> then I really recommend you use that version.And use
> winetools for configuration.
> Cheers
My intention is not to ensure I have a working Notes,
but rather to get the problems fixed.  I know that I
can go back to the old release, but I want new releases
to work too.

I am running 20050524, or rather the Debian package
with that in its name.


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