[Wine]Help trying to get copernic agent and system shock 2 work under wine!?

matthew hughes hughes28105 at gawab.com
Wed Jun 8 13:03:10 CDT 2005

 I have been trying for the past couple of week to get copernic agent
professional and system shock 2 to run successfully under wine. But with no
success. Every time I install copernic agent and it almost finish installing
I get an error message unable to initialize folder.
 Now as for system shock
I just will not start and I have tried reinstalling system shock 2 but that
did not help at all. It install successfully and with the patch but when I
go to run the program nothing happens and I get a debugger error.

How to I get adobe acrobat 6.0 to install under wine when its install keeps
giving me a "this version of windows is not supported buy the installer is
there a work around for this.

Thanks for the help

Matthew hughes

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