[Wine]Help trying to get copernic agent and system shock 2 work under wine!?

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Wed Jun 8 14:55:05 CDT 2005

matthew hughes schreef:
>  I have been trying for the past couple of week to get copernic agent
> professional and system shock 2 to run successfully under wine. But with no
> success. Every time I install copernic agent and it almost finish installing
> I get an error message unable to initialize folder.
>  Now as for system shock
> I just will not start and I have tried reinstalling system shock 2 but that
> did not help at all. It install successfully and with the patch but when I
> go to run the program nothing happens and I get a debugger error.

A debugger error usually indicates that Wine is not sufficient to defeat
the program's copy protection (the CD cannot authenticate itself, even
when perfectly legal-- it can tell that it's not running under Windows
in some fashion, and that's enough to cause it to fail to authenticate).

The usual solution is to find a no-cd crack and replace the program's
exe with it as per instructions. I haven't gotten to installing SS2 yet,
so I don't know if there are other problems, but I do know that you
probably want to use the default emulated Win98 version-- SS2 even under
Windows needs all kinds of trickery to run under 2000 (which I did try),
and XP (which I didn't). So if you have Wine set to claim that some
version other than Win98 is running, set it back, at least for this
particular app.

> P.s. 
> How to I get adobe acrobat 6.0 to install under wine when its install keeps
> giving me a "this version of windows is not supported buy the installer is
> there a work around for this.

Use the native version? Adobe just released Reader 7.0 for Linux. Or do
you need the full package? That sounds like more of a job for Crossover
Office; check their website at www.codeweavers.com and see if Acrobat is
a supported application. Off the top of my head, I don't know. CX costs
money, but I've used the demo, and it does do what it says on the tin--
meaning that it's worth the outlay if you need it.

> Thanks for the help

Hope this did :-)


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