Linux apps from inside Wine (was:Re: [Wine]Problems with Lotus Notes R5.0.12 under Wine 20050524)

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Thu Jun 9 13:09:24 CDT 2005

Hi Andy,

> Hi! 
> I did as you said and at least, my acroread starts, but it seems, that 
the temporary file could not be created. 

I had the same problem some time ago  8-)

> I looked into my logfile and it showed me the right path and acroread is 
fired up. 

You should put in the "acroread.exe" script a line like this:

env >> $LOG     (or, if you prefer:  set >> $LOG)

This allows you to see the content of environment variables.
I don't know, but the acroread take one of the temporary environment 
variables: TEMP or TMP in order to write a temporary file before it reads 
the real file.
Take a look at those variables (even take a look at the TMPDIR). If you've 
noticed, the "acroread.exe" script re-set the TMP and TEMP variables with 
the content of TMPDIR. As I said I'm using wine 20040813 and maybe the 
newest version has changed something.

> But I got a message within my acroread, which says something like a 
temporary file could not be opened. 

I think if you investigat those variables you can solve the problem  ;-)

> Therefore I decided to comment the deletion of the temporary file in 
your script out. 

OK. The deletion is for avoid filling the temporary directory ....  ;-)


BTW, how can I get rid of the HTML part of the message my notes client is 
sending to the list? 
I saw I'm sending text *and* HMTL format ... I dislike that.
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