[Wine]Running wine from php pages

Eric Yu-Wei Sung sungy at purdue.edu
Fri Jun 10 03:00:23 CDT 2005

In a Readhat 9 system, I have a simple php file "test.php" with the 
following content to generate Setup.exe:

   echo exec("pwd");
   exec('/usr/bin/wine rar a -a -c- -cfg- -k -m4 
-zc:\\\\zipper\\\\Setup.cmt -sfx Setup.exe @c:\\\\zipper\\\\Setup.lst ');

When I run it as a CGI script via command line as "php test.php" . The 
.exe is successfully generated. However, if I load test.php from the 
browser, the result of "pwd" is shown on the browser but the Setup.exe 
is not generated at all. I also tried embeded the above wine command 
inside a shell script test.sh and call the script from the php page, for 


but again, the wine command does not produce Setup.exe if test.php is 
loaded from a browser.

Any idea why?



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