[Wine]World of Warcraft 1.5.1

Aneurin Price wine at shadovald.dyndns.org
Wed Jun 15 10:40:34 CDT 2005

Yesterday's WoW patch[1] introduced a rather annoying bug making it 
impossible to select things like NPCs. The problem can be fixed (well, 
worked around) in Cedega using the config option "MemoryLayoutOverride" 
= "0x10000000". I seem to recall this is an area in which Wine and 
Cedega differ quite substantially, unless there's been some more 
convergence recently, and I can't find much about what that option 
actually does, but does anybody know if there's any way to get the same 
behavour in Wine? Even an ugly hack would be better than nothing.
Aneurin Price.

PS. Maybe I should try this on wine-devel?

[1]    *  Fixed an assertion that was preventing Mac clients from 
playing in the Battlegrounds and was causing a memory leak on PCs when 
they did.
     * Improved error reporting to give more useful information to 

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