[Wine]Re: Wine-20050524 problem

Hannu Valtonen Hannu.Valtonen at hut.fi
Wed Jun 15 13:09:25 CDT 2005

Hiji wrote:
>>It seems that wine20040419 is the most stable
>>release (the one used by
>>It is the only release which can run Lotus Notes
>>without any problems.
>>But this version was released more than a year ago,
>>and it should NOT be
>>more stable than a newer version.
>>Wine should be moving forward NOT backward!
> My thoughts exactly.  As grateful as I am for the
> existence of Wine, I've been meaning to draft up a
> short email to the development team about my concerns
> about its progression.  The primary concern is that
> "yes.  Wine should be moving forward" - on the
> development side it is, but for the end-user the dev's
> progression translates into backwards steps.  (That
> is, until the dev finishes what they were doing.) 
> Currently, I'm stuck on wine-20041201 because
> Dreamweaver MX won't install on newer versions; I
> think it's because they're still working on getting
> installers properly working, but who knows when that
> will get done.  A year before that, Photoshop 7 didn't
> work for at least 6+ months when previously it did. 
> It's for these reasons (I believe) that Winetools is
> stuck on an older version too.
> Again, I'm grateful for Wine, but it also helps to
> know this stuff for your own sanity.  With Wine, you
> just have to be patient for newer versions.  I just
> wish the road-to-upgrades was smoother. ;)

Well, it wouldn't hurt if Wine users started reporting regressions to 
Bugzilla/or the mailinglists more actively. Such a mail/bugzilla entry 
should also _always_ come with a note attached saying which patch broke 
it. There are instructions for this on the web page. 

It is exceedingly difficult to know beforehand if fixing a particular 
problem in Wine breaks another application. Lately we have also been 
bitten by the x11drv rewrite, and you may end up finding that the patch 
that broke your app might be one of those. But the only way for us to 
know it broke something is to speak up. (With the information pointing 
out the precise patch that broke it)

- Hannu Valtonen

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