[Wine]Wine-20050524 problem

Shadi Khasawneh Shadi.Khasawneh at eitny.com
Thu Jun 16 13:56:34 CDT 2005

I was talking in general and not about Lotus Notes in specific.  But there
should be a way to test
basic functionality. For example, the DirectX test program in MS Windows
which draws a triangle on the screen
and rotate it; It does NOT test everything, or every program/game that uses
it - it tests basic and
most common functions using different inputs and making sure that the
output  for each function
is what is required.

Lotus Notes failed because there is some specific function (among the many
Windows API functions
that WINE implements) has not been fully implemented yet in WINE or has
some BUG. So there should
be a way to test these basic functions (at the API level maybe) - Also a
fixed number of applications that
uses different types of libraries/functionalities provided by Windows can
be tested for each
release (not through CVS): One game,  one network application, one word
processing application... etc

Again, it is only a suggestion; others may provide a better way or
alternative to this. I agree that we should be
submitting BUGS to the Bugzilla instead of only submitting it to mailing

Finally, WINE might not be a huge project, as you said, but WINE developers
are doing a huge and important work.
All the best!

Shadi Khasawneh schreef:
> I'm a WINE fan, and my ONLY concern here is the stability and quality
> of WINE! I appreciate all the efforts of the WINE development team, and
> I know that WINE is still under development but I would suggest trying
> to improve the testing of new WINE RELEASES.
Which is all very well and good, but how exactly is that supposed to be
implemented? If somebody set up a team to test Lotus Notes, I'm sure
that would be wonderful-- but you could test that till the end of time,
and it wouldn't help me, because I've never used Lotus Notes, and doubt
I ever will.

So are Lotus Notes users more important than me? If so, then naturally
I'm not going to be such a big fan of Wine as I used to be. If not,
who's going to test the programs that *I* use? What about the ones my
boyfriend would use if I could convince him to switch to Linux-- and
which I therefore have to test to prove to him that he *can* switch?

What about the programs other users on this list couldn't do without? No
matter how obscure the program might be, if you need it, then it's
important to you.

I think the best plan on the table is the one currently being
implemented: people need to sign up on the AppDB to maintain
applications, and people need to post results with applications to the
AppDB, so that bugs and regressions can get noticed and fixed in an
organized manner.

And the Wine project needs to publicize itself so that people know to
contribute to the AppDB, which I see as the biggest fly in the ointment.
People don't know to help, or how to help, so they don't help-- they
just complain that somebody else should do it. With a project as small
as Wine (there are not an infinite number of Wine developers, and
volunteers are not the same as dedicated paid personnel), the strategy
of "the squeaky wheel gets the most grease" is never going to work.


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