[Wine]Wine-20050524 problem

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 16 15:19:36 CDT 2005

> We recognized long ago that regressions can be a
> serious problem for
> Wine.  Unfortunately, as Holly points out, not every
> developer can test
> every application at every release - this is why
> we've created the
> Application's Database, which allows just about
> anyone to sign up as a
> maintainer for an app.

The APPDB, while fantastic for recording the
progression of compatibility, doesn't really help with
fixing a bug.  (I'm not sure if this is what you were
getting at.)  My notes on Photoshop 7 are still there
from when I was a wine-newbie in regards to getting to
work again; even an opening a bug didn't help.  I
didn't even think about mailing wine-devel because...
I just didn't know, and I thought that alias was
strictly for talking development and not bug fixing. 

Again, this is all "easier said than done", and I know
its hard knowing when a fix in one area will break
another.  But, I think certain things *can* be helped
or avoided.  For example, I understand that the
"installshield" is being worked on; it's development
has effected applications like Flash MX.  Whereas
before you could drop in a DLL here and there to
install an app, it won't even install now no matter
what you do.  So, instead of the development being
merged back into the main tree and breaking things
until the project is finished, why not branch off and
then merge everything back in when its working?

I could have the last scenerio all wrong, but that's
my understanding as end-user who has in ear in the
wine-devel alias world. :)


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