[Wine]Wine-20050524 problem

Joe Baker joebaker at nelfc.com
Thu Jun 16 09:53:34 CDT 2005

The WINE team is doing fantastic work.
I suggest we study the docs to see how to install multiple versions of WINE 
simultaneously.  This way, your menu shortcuts can include which version of 
WINE to run an application against.  Maybe it would be most usefull to 
explain how to install the latest build to a nonstandard location and how to 
envoke an application from the command line in this way.

I know with RPM that there are ways to specify to install the program to a 
non-default location.  Perhaps the trick will be whether to use the 
same .wine/config file or maybe even a different configuration area as well.  

Joe Baker
Network Administrator, NEL Frequency Controls, Inc.

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