[Wine]dcom98.exe fails to install.

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Sun Jun 19 12:17:24 CDT 2005

Matt Urquhart wrote:
> Try having a look at what exactly W95INF32.DLL does - maybe use a
> dependency walker or look on the internet (msdn might have some useful
Don't know what is dependency walker.
> stuff)
> Why would you want to use IE when you've got firefox?
Site mentioned (www.arkia.co.il - as well as most Israeli sites don't 
work with firefox (try to make a reservation and see what happens).
> Regards,
> Matt
> On Sun, 2005-06-19 at 19:53, David Harel wrote:
>>I used the tool wine-config-sidenet from 
>>http://sidenet.ddo.jp/winetips/config.html which works great.
>>I installed wine 20041201 as recommended and started wine-config-sidenet 
>>setup program and IE6 seemed to run great however, some URLs didn't work 
>>for example: www.arkia.co.il.
>>Looking at the FAQ I noticed I should install dcom98.exe. When 
>>installing it I got windows popup stating:
>>"Error registering the OCX c:\windows\system\rpcrt4.dll"
>> From this point IE6 stopped working entirely.
>>I tried settings such as adding a dll override in config:
>>"rpcrt4.dll" = "builtin" and made sure I have rpcrt4.dll.so in 
>>/usr/local/lib/wine and did ldconfig.
>>At this point I didn't have any error message when installing dcom98.exe 
>>but IE6 still didn't work.
>>OK I started all over again. After things worked again I install wine 
>>20050524. still www.arkia.co.il does not work. Again I tried dcom98.exe 
>>This time I got:
>>"ThunkConnect32 failure !!"
>>and then:
>>"Error loading W95INF32.DLL"
>>This time IE6 works but still no www.arkia.co.il
>>Any idea?


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