[Wine]dcom98.exe fails to install.

David Harel hareldvd at ergolight-sw.com
Mon Jun 20 09:37:44 CDT 2005

Joachim Hello, How are you?

If you remember, I tried to use winetools to install IE but was not 
successful on my Gentoo machine (was great with RedHat). It was 
dcom98.exe installation that failed (tried on many wine versions). To my 
best understanding of winetoos solution, installing dcom98.exe is a 
major operation hence I could not do anything until it was installed. 
(recently I noticed I might be wrong here). Eventually I installed IE 
using wine-config-sidenet from 
http://sidenet.ddo.jp/winetips/config.html (sorry about that).
Anyways, The site mentioned below www.arkia.co.il is for flight 
reservations. They have an English page: 
Firefox seems to open it nicely but you can not do reservations (all 
selection lists are empty) I guess because it uses activeX controls.
After installing IE with wine-config-sidenet I could use IE but several 
Israeli sites among which www.arkia.co.il (I know they do horrible job 
with their sites) were not accessible by wine IE at all. After reading 
some documents I got the impression dcom98 can help, hence the discussion.
I have no idea how to trace and resolve the problems aroused when trying 
to install dcom98.exe.

Joachim von Thadden wrote:
> Am So, Jun 19, 2005 at 02:53:58 +0300 schrieb David Harel:
>>I used the tool wine-config-sidenet from 
>>http://sidenet.ddo.jp/winetips/config.html which works great.
>>I installed wine 20041201 as recommended and started wine-config-sidenet 
>>setup program and IE6 seemed to run great however, some URLs didn't work 
>>for example: www.arkia.co.il.
> Hi,
> I just tried the site with my WineTools and it works well... if you can
> read hebrew. The english one worked also. What exactly was the problem
> with these sites?
> Regards
> 	Joachim von Thadden


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