[Wine]Winetools + IE6 + WineCVS

Adam Cooper adam.cooper at port.ac.uk
Tue Jun 21 11:46:15 CDT 2005

Hello all. 

I'm trying to run the above combination. Now I understand that Winetools
recommends an older version. However, I also understand that the latest
version of Wine is leagues ahead in terms of features and stability.

Problem is, I need IE6. Which doesn't install using Winetools under the
latest CVS (as in today) and I enjoy the more reliable operation that
the latest version offers.

The installation of IE hangs at ~46% with a constant streaming of
"fixme:thunk:__regs_CommonUnimpStub generic stub: ?" in the console
window. According to the wine bugzilla this bug (or one just like it)
was closed earlier this year.

Any hints?

Thanks for listening

Adam Cooper <adam.cooper at port.ac.uk>

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