[Wine]Where to install wine?

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 25 11:46:47 CDT 2005

--- Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com> wrote:

> As winetools recommends 20041019, I am compiling
> from source on my
> Fedora Core 4 box. If I try to do it as root in
> /usr/local/bin then I
> do ./complile->make depend->make->make install. When
> I try to do make
> install I am informed that I must not be root. So I
> su to user and I
> am told that I had to unpack the tarball as user.
> But if I try to
> unpack the tarball as user (after erasing all that
> was unpacked by
> root), then for each file I get: "Cannot open: No
> such file or
> directory". So I think that maybe the problem is
> that I am doing it in
> /usr/local/bin, where user has no permissions. So
> where should I
> unpack it? And if I do the install as a user, then
> will others users
> be able to use wine?

If you are compiling from source, the easiest thing to
do is to extract the tarball into the directory of
your choice.  Then, within that, navigate to the
"tools" folder and run the "wineinstall" script as a
regular user.  It will take care of everything for
you; all you need to do is answer its questions. 
After that, any user who uses the "wine" command will
be able to use it.


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