Antw: Re: [Wine]Running DOS program in a cron job

Patrick Naef Patrick.Naef at
Tue Jun 28 10:42:27 CDT 2005

>Doesn't the cron job run as a root user (or member of the root group)?
>Certainly root owns the cron daemon, afaik.

You are right insofar as the cron daemon process is owned by root. However, when the cron daemon runs a job, it starts the the job's process with the privileges (and the environment, e.g. $HOME) of the user for whom the job was added. I added the job to a crontab file and submitted the crontab file to cron for a specific user, hence the job is not run as root, but as the user that the crontab file was submitted for.

>Secondly, under these circumstances (cron + ssh + wine + ttydrv + ?),
>who owns the terminal device in question? Perhaps here again is an

To clarify things: the cron job is supposed to run on a server machine, not my own workstation. ssh is only relevant in that I use it to remotely log in to the server.

I use ttydrv because when wine is run in the cron environment, there is no X11 display around that wine could connect to.

When I log in via ssh, there is also no X11 display available. If I can run wine manually within that ssh login shell, I conclude that the ttydrv approach is basically correct. The only reason why I mentioned the ssh thing was to point out this conclusion.

>Thirdly, what is the DOS program meant to do? Does it require input, or
>just generate output? If the former, does it have any kind of a silent
>mode in which it wouldn't need a terminal on which to display at all (in

My test program is a DOS batch file that contains a single line "@echo off", i.e. there is no input or output whatsoever. Of course, the final program would be something different, but for testing purposes this simple batch file should be enough.


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