[Wine]Wine + Visual Basic

Christoph Simon ml133 at netpole.com.br
Wed Jun 29 13:39:39 CDT 2005


I'm trying to run a visual basic program with wine on a debian stable,
and managed to extract and install the software without error messages
(after having copied msvb50vm.dll). But when I try to run the program,
I get

	Run-time error "5":
	Invalid procedure call or argument

There was another file missing, vb6pt.dll, which I couldn't find. When
I found vb6fr.dll, I installed it and found out, that it just
translates the error message, thus that the problem isn't this missing
file. This program does run correctly on a Windows machine. The last
run I made was with

	WINEDEBUG=warn+all wine wkap.exe > ~/wine.log 2>&1

and I put this file to


I would be grateful, if anyone could tell me what I'm missing or doing

Thanks in advance,


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