[Wine]Problems with Planescape: Torment

Grahame White grahame at regress.homelinux.org
Wed Jun 29 12:58:33 CDT 2005

> So, here goes.Planescape installs well, it boots up
> well (I followed the instructions on the Wine App
> database),BUT, there is no sound (Sound works well on
> all other apps, though I haven't tried other
> Wine-emulated apps), and the X mouse-cursor is
> constantly flikerring near the Planescape one.The
> mouse  problem is not all that annoying (Ok, mabye it
> is ;) ), but I can't live without sound.I haven't
> heard about sound problems from anyone else, and I've
> checked (almost) everywhere!

I help maintain the AppDB page for PS:T but I'm currently unable to do much 
since I made the transition to the Debian pure AMD64 and as such wine 
doesn't compile for me any more (a known issue on 64-bit machines I 
believe). Anyway I'm afraid that I never had any problems with sound so I 
don't know what to suggest on that front.

Except what sound driver are you using in wine? I'm not sure where to look 
if you are using the registry but in ~/.wine/config the lines are in the 
[WinMM] section.

But if you do find a solution in the mean time then please let me know so I 
can update the AppDB page to help future users.

On a slightly different note I'd suggest keeping an eye on GemRB[0]. It's
an open source engine replacement for the Infinity Engine games (PS:T,
BG 1&2 (inc exp packs) and IWD 1&2). Currently the games aren't playable
but progress has been steady and looks very promising indeed.


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