[Wine]Debian SID versions messed ujp

Roman Stöckl-Schmidt roman at stoeckl-schmidt.de
Thu Mar 3 07:49:00 CST 2005

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David Baron schrieb:
| Last few days had wine 20050111-1 but was missing stuff like
libwine-alsa. Any
| attempt to install would remove all the existing modules.
| Now has everything for the 20050111-1 but has wine and wine-dev for
| 20050211-1. Attempts to install will quack.

Hi David!
Are you talking about the stuff in the official apt repositories from a
debian mirror or the stuff from winehq.org?
Because in the packages you can get from winehq.org all the stuff that
is put into individual packages for the official debian release is just
stuffed into two or three packages.

I also didn't realise this in one occasion and was cracking my scull why
~ aptitude wanted to remove all the special libs like libwine-cups,alsa etc.
Until I figured out that the wine packages from winehq.org already have
all the stuff that is split up into individual packages for convenience
from ftp.debian.org (or whatever mirror you get your packages from).
Personally I have the wine version from sarge and the latest one built
from source so I can compare how programs look for both versions... I
still haven't figured out how to have it built to use freetype. Although
I've got libfreetype6-dev, the fonts look all edgy...

Regards, Roman.
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