[Wine]Debian SID versions messed ujp

edoardo comar edolists at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 3 08:50:42 CST 2005

I removed all the wine*.deb from debina repositories and
use the wine*.deb from wineHQ and winetools obtained as a *tgz

winetools is better than tkwinecfg


David Baron wrote:
> On Thursday 03 March 2005 15:49, Roman Stöckl-Schmidt wrote:
>>David Baron schrieb:
>>| Last few days had wine 20050111-1 but was missing stuff like
>>libwine-alsa. Any
>>| attempt to install would remove all the existing modules.
>>| Now has everything for the 20050111-1 but has wine and wine-dev for
>>| 20050211-1. Attempts to install will quack.
>>Hi David!
>>Are you talking about the stuff in the official apt repositories from a
>>debian mirror or the stuff from winehq.org?
> Debian mirror
>>Because in the packages you can get from winehq.org all the stuff that
>>is put into individual packages for the official debian release is just
>>stuffed into two or three packages.
>>I also didn't realise this in one occasion and was cracking my scull why
>>~ aptitude wanted to remove all the special libs like libwine-cups,alsa
>>etc. Until I figured out that the wine packages from winehq.org already
>>have all the stuff that is split up into individual packages for
>>convenience from ftp.debian.org (or whatever mirror you get your packages
>>from). Personally I have the wine version from sarge and the latest one
>>built from source so I can compare how programs look for both versions... I
>>still haven't figured out how to have it built to use freetype. Although
>>I've got libfreetype6-dev, the fonts look all edgy...
> Does this mean that ALL I need is wine and wine-dev (the 20050211 stuff) and 
> all the 20050111 stuff can go? The little tkwinecfg is also slated for 
> removal, by the way.
> (I had previously compiled the 20050111 from winehq but had taken manually off 
> a lot of stuff from apt when I make installed. When I tried to get it back, 
> it put me back tot he previous version so I removed the 20050111 version. 
> Easiest, usually, to either do ALL apt or ALL compiles.)
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