[Wine]Re: Does README have any connection to reality?

Lasse Kaihlavirta lasse.kaihlavirta at koti.soon.fi
Thu Mar 3 10:20:21 CST 2005


> > ...huh? There is no "tools" directory (not to mention "wineinstall")
> > anywhere to be found? I only have "usr" and "install" directories?
> >
> > Lasse
> No, there is no "tools" directory, because you have downloaded a
> precompiled binary for Slackware 10, rather than the source files, which
> would be compiled and installed in the way the readme describes.
> If you are in fact running Slack 10, use your package manager to install
> the *.tgz normally.
> If you are not running Slack 10, then download the correct binary for
> your distribution, or download the source tarball and compile Wine, if
> you would like to do that instead.
> Hope this helps.

Yes, much, thanks. The bottom line would then be to simply ignore the README 
and do what I'd do anyway... which I initially suspected. Just makes me 
wonder what is the point of having a misleading README in those downloads in 
the first place...


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