[Wine]problems with FoxPro app under wine 20020211-1

Tom Yates madlists at teaparty.net
Sat Mar 5 16:31:14 CST 2005

I've got WINE installed (version as above), from the FC3 packages linked 
to from winehq.  I'm trying to run a FoxPro app.

It installed OK, but when I go to run it, I got a window saying "Cannot 
locate FoxPro support library".  I've soft-linked foxw2600.esl, which I 
presume is the library, to FOXW2600.ESL, and now I get a box saying 
simply: "WATCOM Win: Read error".  The dialogue box is too short for me to 
read anything in the title bar after "Win".

I've read various bits of advice in the list archives.  Following that, I 
blew away my .wine directory and let the new WINE recreate it.  I'm also 
advised to set my Windows setting to win2k, but I don't seem to be able to 
work out how to do that with the new version of WINE; unlike earlier 
versions, it hasn't created me a .wine/config file, so it's not clear to 
me how to force the Windows setting.

I'm out of my depth here; any light anyone can shed would be really 
appreciated.  Even if it's just mail from other people who have FoxPro 
apps running, and are willing to share hints and tips.


   Tom Yates
   Cambridge, UK.

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