[Wine]Re: Step-by-step guide for PowerPoint under wine?

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Mon Mar 14 03:08:55 CST 2005

Am Mo, Mär 14, 2005 at 05:04:34 +0100 schrieb Peter Wahl:
> rpm -i winetools-2.1.1-jo.i386.rpm
> error: Failed dependencies:
>         wine is needed by winetools-2.1.1-jo
>         xdialog is needed by winetools-2.1.1-jo

I think I already told you that you can install with

rpm -ivh --nodeps winetools...

on your system. WineTools has a dependency for xdialog. SuSE calls the
packet Xdialog. And only the creator of life knows why the hell redhat
decided to use packet names case sensitive. With the next version of my
WineTools this will be fixed.

	Joachim von Thadden
"Never touch a running system! Never run a touching system?
          Never run a touchy system!!!"

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