[Wine]Re: Help, my wine is now useless

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 14 13:11:05 CST 2005

--- Mike Hearn <mike at navi.cx> wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 08:08:25 -0600, Jeffrey Powell
> wrote:
> > I installed Noteworthy Composer and it changed the
> font to music
> > symbols. All applications illegible as all dialog
> boxes are filled with
> > musical symbols instead of normal text. How can I
> reset the fonts back
> > to normal?
> Copy some truetype fonts into
> ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts.
> thanks -mike

Or, for testing purposes, you can remove all the fonts
except for the note font in
~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts .

I found that when trying to run Sonar XL 2.2 under
Wine, adding additional fonts will void out the
notation font. :)


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