[Wine]Re: Step-by-step guide for PowerPoint under wine?

Peter Wahl info_pw at yahoo.de
Tue Mar 15 19:36:19 CST 2005

Dear All,

o.k., I started from scratch and used the install
script. At the end, it didn't see my existing WinXP
installation (the disk is mounted!).

Thanks to Joachim's hint to use 'rpm -ivh ...',
winetools installes and comes up just fine and I
created my fake C:\ drive.

But when it comes to installing DCOM98, it 'downloads'
forever, with no progress. So I located the file
myself and saved it locally; how can I bend winetools
so that it uses my local version of DCOM98, which is
stored in /home/user/.wine/drive_c/DCOM98.EXE right

Furthermore, winetools is looking for firefox, which I
installed in another directory than the ones winetools
is looking in ... how can I change this?

Thanks again for your great support!

Cheers, Peter

--- Hiji <hijinio at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > > > Well, now I downloaded the wine-20041019, ran
> > the
> > > > configure (takes a minute), then 'make .... &&
> > > make'
> > > > which takes around 20 minutes, which returns
> > after
> > > > endless number of lines: Wine Build complete.
> To install Wine via source, you should use the
> wineinstall script within the tools folder of the
> wine
> source. :)
> Hiji
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