[Wine]Re: Sonar ??

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Mar 16 06:48:16 CST 2005

> > Really? Home studio, Sonar's not-so-little sister
> > will not run at all.
> > Get "Unknown error in sequencer dll".
> >
> > Of course, these programs are intimately optimized
> > for windows drivers and
> > directX so one cannot expect too much here. What
> > have you been able to do
> > with Sonar with wine?
> >
> > Tabledit and some others with notation fonts run
> > fine and their fonts do not
> > interfere with others nor are hit by others.
> Hey David!
> I haven't been able to do anything productive; if
> anything, it's a proof-of-concept.  I've got it to
> run, show notation, run DXIs, VSTs, open up BUN files,
> playback audio, etc.  DXIs/ VSTs are sluggish, but it
> runs.  It doesn't work with later versions of Wine;
> you can see all my notes here:
> http://appdb.winehq.com/appview.php?versionId=2615
> Let me know how far you get! :)
OK, here goes.

I had the quartz.dll. I added a reference to the other one you cited and tried 
running. Crashed, complained about thunking stuff so I tried again as NT like 
you suggested. The program comes up, asks for the audio data directory (which 
is not in the wine registry but should be in the windows one also being 

1. The splash screen is stuck there. Blocks a wine exception.
2. No audio drivers are shown.
3. Cannot find directories on drives other than "C" even though these are set 
up in config.
4. I also get the score font error. This is easily fixable if anything else 
will work and make it worth my effort. I do not use the program's score view 
anyway. (Tabledit also has it own font--works no sweat.)

I am using the latest-and-greatest WINE, by the way. Question is whether this 
program is going backwards in some areas.

Have you played with the tracktion?

This comes up, detects and initializes VSTs (except for Voxengo demos which 
hang and time out--are disabled at next attempt--once all these are passed 
by, come up clean). Audio devices from WINE are shown under "directX" AND 
ASIO drivers are shown (from windows registry or directory)!! The ASIOs will 
produce error in the program, not crash WINE. Neither will play anything.

Main thing is that popup windows do not paint. They are "loaded" as one 
can/must ALT-F4 out of them. DirectX drivers supplied by OSS or by ALSA will 
produce "underrun" errors in WINE debug listing.

Tracktion does not use Microsoft frameworks but has its own. Frustating close 
but not working under WINE!

Have you tried HarBal -- a mastering equalizer?

Their demo works 100% in WINE!! I was amazed.

I contacted the author. Says the paid version might not because of the copy 
protection scheme. No Microsoft code and the next version will use wxWidgets 
and may well be portable to native Linux and Mac versions--then I'll buy it!

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