[Wine]Installing MSSQLServer 2K on Linux thru wine???

Vijay Krishnan - Sr. Trainer vijaykrishnan at elmaqedu.com
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 Have finally managed to configure wine. Have now installed IE using winetools and also, all the runtime s/w under the Window System Software option of winetools. Have also managed to install j2sdk thru wine. am trying to install MS SQL Server 2K thru wine. the installation starts and then abruptly ends saying that File Not Found Error. Source D:\x86\setup\setup.ins Target T:\SqlSetup\setup.ins. D: is my /mnt/cdrom and T: is my /tmp . The source file exists in the path specified by the installer. Under /tmp, the installation creates the directory SetupSql and 3 files have been copied. How do I go about doing this?


 Vijay Krishnan

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 I downloaded the source file wine-20050211.tar.gz, extracted it and then followed the instructions provided in the wine user guide. I did ./configure, then make depend && make, then make install.

 Then, whenever I try to execute wine, it gives me an error message that it could not find libwine.so.1

 What could be the problem? Further, I have a requirement of running Internet Explorer thru' wine. Kindly help.

 Looking forward to your earliest response.

 Best Regards

 Vijay Krishnan

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