[Wine]Re: Sonar ??

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 11:18:50 CST 2005

> I am using the latest-and-greatest WINE, by the way.
Yes, this is the problem.  It only works up to the
Wine version I mentioned in the notes.  The newest
versions won't let it work.

> Question is whether this 
> program is going backwards in some areas.
That's a good question.  Lately, a lot of stuff in
Wine has been losing compatibility; I don't know if
that's because "hacks" are being removed in place of
developing full-qualified DLLs over time or simpley
because advancements in one area are breaking other
areas.  In any case, I don't really know how to do
regression testing; so, I can't report back to the
wine-devel alias what broke what.  However, I do read
up on the wine-devel alias, and lately, there's been a
lot of work on directsound, and I believe the
quartz.dll as well.

> Have you played with the tracktion?
> Have you tried HarBal -- a mastering equalizer?
I haven't played with either of these.  Tracktion has
come up multiple times on this alias, though.  I'm
very Sonar-centric!!! :)


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