[Wine]Supervoice 2.6 comms program (for fax and voice etc) in wine

Andy Allen andy.allen at virgin.net
Wed Mar 16 15:43:16 CST 2005

Has anybody had experience with installing Supervoice (2.6) fax/voice
software in wine?
I've installed it apparently OK (although I do seem to remember getting
some error on installation) - it seems to start to run OK, but with some
glitches! Each time, it wants to re-detect and configure the modem -
why?! Also, it shows me the messages (fax and voice) which were stored
in the modem (USR 56K Message Modem), but I can't delete any of the
messages - it just hangs up when I try to do this operation. Any ideas,
please, as this is pretty frustrating - or do I just give up trying to
operate this software in wine/linux?

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