[Wine]TINY fonts

knizek at volny.cz knizek at volny.cz
Thu Mar 17 01:59:26 CST 2005

Do you mean small fonts in application menu? This is due to high
screen resolution, which is probably not treated correctly by some
windows programs or wine itself (I am not sure what is the

Have a look at this thread:

It helps for the menu, but does not help for the various toolbars
floating on the desktop. I have not found better solution.


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Předmět: [Wine]TINY fonts
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> Hello there,
> am I really the only one, who compiled wine20050211 source,
> run wineinstall script, changed [fonts] section in config to
> match
> my dirs (ttf, afm) on my Mandrake 10.1 system AND STILL HAVING
> UNREADABLE FONTS in applications using standard windows fonts
> (not its
> own)? (I'm not using any M$ stuff, including fonts - just those
> in
> X windows (xfs running)).
> Nyyr
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