[Wine][happy wine] ableton live 4.1 is working

Olivier Evalet evaleto at programmers.ch
Fri Mar 18 07:36:45 CST 2005

Hi all,
I just want to give you feedback with my test on ableton live
application. A long ago time I was trying to run audio applications with
wine. Since I completely switched  on linux (3 years now) I also
completely stop my music creation. Of course there are goods music
softwares on linux, but I was a junky with software like Emagic Logic
audio and Ableton Live. And now I'm a junky on LinuxOS creativity.
Yesterday I tried to run AbletonLive 4.1 and it ran and play music. So I
decided to post this good news on this mailing. Here you can see ableton
in action: 

Unfortunately there are still some imperfections:
- cpu usage is always 100% 
- audio latency is in maximum
- directdraw dont redraw correctly in dialog

But I think that are small point comparing the huge work already done.
And maybe Ableton could be a good application to debug/test the
dsound/ddraw framework.


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