[Wine]World Of Warcraft

Peter legine.wine at web.de
Fri Mar 18 17:34:28 CST 2005

I am sure there where a lot of questions to this toppic already but I
would like to ask if someone has the same problems. I looked a bit in
the archieve with no result.

I usually set my wine config up with winesetuptk.
There I can choose between Managed and unmanaged Windowmanagement.
(If the windowing is controlled by X or by wine.)
Now both work great. My only Problem is that I have a strong jitter
when I run wine in managed by x mode. The jitter almost dissapears
if wine has the control (unmanaged)
But I lose Keyboard control if I use the alt + F1 combination for
switching desktops (which works in managed in X mode)
Also I have the problem that a fullscreened window is not totaly
fullscreen. When I get near the Toolbar, The game gets minimised and I
return to my fluxbox. (I think thats fluxbox related)

thx the help.


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