[Wine]wine and radmin - two problems

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Tue Mar 22 05:34:17 CST 2005

  In my current occupation, it's necessary to access a lot of windows machines
remotely. All they have a radmin ( http://www.radmin.com ) server installed.
I would like to access them from my Linux box, so I've installed a windows
radmin client on the box and tried to use it.
  The first impressions were great, because it installed perfectly (I didn't
attempt to install the server, just the client) and also perfectly started and
connected to the remote windows machine. I got a window with a complete
screen and I was able to click icons, open and close windows etc.
  However, later I found 2 problems.
  1) The keyboard doesn't transmit to the remote machine. Even the window with
remote machine's screen has a focus, the characters are not appearing as typed.
It seems to be a problem between Linux and radmin, not between radmin client
and remote server, because Ctrl-F12 should pop up a local menu, which also
doesn't work.
  2) The window with remote screen sits always on top of all other windows and
automatically moves onto any virtual desktop I'm switching. It's vety annoying
because it obscures most of other windows on other desktops, thus preventing
me from using any other apps than just radmin :-). Of course it can be closed
but it's not a solution, it should simply behave as other normal windows.
  Does anybody have an experience with radmin/wine ? Does it work for him ?
BTW. it'2.2 radmin and today's wine CVS.
                                       With regards, Pavel Troller

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