[Wine]Supervoice 2.6 comms program (for fax and voice etc) in wine

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Mar 23 13:24:35 CST 2005

> Hi Lars,
> Many thanks for your helpful replies and sorry to bother you again with
> this, but I'm getting a bit exasperated! I've downloaded all 4 mgetty
> rpm's from the RedHat Network site and installed OK (mgetty doesn't seem
> to be included in my distro of RH9). I've looked at some of the
> documentation files (README.1st etc), but I can't find any simple,
> straightforward instructions as to how to get it working. Maybe I do
> need a GUI front end (which would presumably then show up on the 'Run
> Program' menu?) to enable me to get started, as I'm still a newbie to
> linux and too used to MS Windows! Any idea where I can get a good GUI
> for mgetty and/or what I should do next?
> Many thanks again,
> Andy
  I'm using mgetty + vgetty (voice getty, for voice modems) extensively.
  If You want, I can send You a sample of my config scripts out of the
list, because it's not a wine issue at all :-). 
                                    Regards, Pavel Troller

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